Prickly Pears


prickly pear cactus plants
a regular sight in southern california and arizona
the pears are known to lower cholesterol
some people make fudge from the pear jelly (and sell it to tourists)
guilty of tasting


L.A. Daze said...

How did it taste like?? Have you ever had cactus? I hear that tastes bitter and has a slimy texture.

Sera Pie said...

I love this photo, well done!

Sera Pie said...

I love this photo, well done!

amber said...

pear jelly fudge...sounds interesting! haha

Stay Beautiful! said...

Cool picture :D

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

nice photography! what kind of camera do u used btw..?
and this is crazy but I wonder how if I touch it like 'uh what is this?' haha
xo, Lorine

and flowers pick themselves said...


xo Alison

hiven said...


Amanda said...

cool shot--prickly little monsters.