Christmas is near


decorations(+)christmas lights
how the grinch stole christmas(+)a holiday cookie
a warm weekend in LA, 80's
it felt more like summer than december
no complaints.
booked our flight to florida
a little family reunion, christmas(+)new years
I'm hoping to see a gator(+)a giant rain storm

*have you found your christmas sweater yet?


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

That first shot is perfect. It's so funny that LA is in the eighties while Georgia had flurries today. Eeep! Have a wonderful time in Florida. Soak up the sunshine and the family fun!

Oona said...

Your blog is such a pleasure to read and see and to absorb the fun little moments that you and your boyfriend have together!

Always a favourite! :)

Celine said...

I love the colours of your Christmas lights.
Send a bit of that warm weather here. It is so cold in Toronto today.

And I need a good xmas sweater. I am on the hunt.

City Girl said...

Gorgeous pictures of the tree. Have a great time in Florida!

eleanor said...

These photos are so magical, Kim! I love love LOVE the top one.


Kim said...

I have indeed found my christmas jumper although i didn't have to look to hard. It's so cold here in England i actually wore it in July this year.

A gator and a rain storm wow! Have fun in Florida and have a great christmas! x.

April said...

Eeeee. We have a Christmas village at my house, but my mother never puts it out. Hmph.
Hope you have a safe and fun trip to Florida!

Jill said...

Cool, christmas in FL! :) I like the little hosue photo

Erin said...

So Pretty!

amber said...

i just love colored christmas lights, they are the best!!!

janis said...

i got my ugly christmas "sweater" at the beginning of november! the ladies at the thrift store told me i was the first to scope them out.

details: denim button up with all sorts of christmasy sewed on patches - snowmen, mistle toe etc. UNDERNEATH will go a killer (read: awful+ugly) candy cane turtleneck. the outfit will be topped off with reindeer earrings!

oh yesss!

and flowers pick themselves said...

we are in the middle of a blizzard here. no complaints, either though :)

these photos are magic.


xo Alison

Cassandra Marie said...

It was gorgeous weather this weekend, wasn't it? So nice :)

ching said...

woah that bokeh! is amazing!haha it's so hypnotic.

jackiek said...

i'm going to florida for christmas too! i got every year and i have to say i love it! where in florida are you going?

Danielle said...


Indie.Tea said...

My cousin went to L.A. a couple years ago (to visit another cousin) and they walked on the beach Christmas day...which sounds insane to me in SF. I'm always cold.
The photographs are lovely :)

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

So great! well done :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

florida will be so fun over the holidays! i love these shots kim, you achieved some funky effects there :)
and NO, no christmas sweater!!! haha. i have yet to jump on the ugly sweater bandwagon, but i will someday!

Islandia Lane said...

love the color work photo! I'm always wanting to learn how to do that!

Marcie said...

So pretty. I love that first one!

xo M

Living and Loving in L.A. said...

These are beautiful! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Kim!