Time Spent with my Family


window wide open as I fell asleep .salt air
long conversation by the pool
birds saying hello
coffee w/ mom in the morning
dad hugged me every day 
right before breakfast, lunch(+)dinner
nothing but the sounds of nature
my Iphone died on Christmas day
I charged it 2 weeks later


erica marie said...

wow...sounds completely perfect and relaxing. Love this pic of Andre.

Katy Mary said...

Your words flow like poetry. I love your photos.

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

2nd pic is awesome!


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

I have idyllic visions of your version of getting away and unplugging.

Loving the last shot. Peaceful, but still full of motion.

kelly ann said...

missed you. <3

...like a rolling stone. said...

LOVE these photographs. so calming.
wish i was hanging out in a park right now...laying on the grass.
happy thursday, mate.

Kinsey Michaels said...

i echo kelly's comment <3
and i love this photo series. definitely a sense of peace and tranquility looking at these.

Erica said...

such a great idea that requires a lot of conviction. not sure if i could pull it off but you're a great inspiration!

Beautiful images. looks like you had a wonderful time unplugging!! :)

Cassandra Marie said...

Glad to have you back girl! Missed you! :)

kelly bestwick said...

so lovely!

http://kellssb.blogspot.com :)

Elisabelle said...

wonderful set!!