a personal goal for 2011.
own less,
sell what I no longer need.
buy less,
donate more,
experience life to the fullest
travel more, sight-see
spend less time in traffic,
clear my head of clutter
changes are coming, i'm thrilled.

how to be a frugal traveler
6.3 earthquake hits new zealand


c_vandoorn said...

I totally agree with your goals. I have a trunk full of bags stuffed to the brim with clothes that i'm dropping off at Goodwill this afternoon. I want to spend less money on things, and more money on the experience! My goal: to live a life well lived.

amber said...

that bunny is so cute!!

i need to work on becoming more of a minimalist. sometimes its just easier said than done.

eleanor said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Of course you can visit me when you come here!! I would be mad if you didn't ;) You have to one day, ok?

These photos are gorgeous, Kim.

Marinka said...

those are nice, I like the softness of the light in them

kara lynn said...

that is an absolutely wonderful goal. i love it.

erica marie said...

That bunny is too cute and your 2011 goal is amazing. I really need to add this to my list, my goal is to be more organized but I think de-cluttering falls somewhere in between. lovely photos :)

kelly ann said...

your photos have this almost film-like quality to them that i LOVE. keep it up, dear girl... you are definitely creating your own photographic style. proud of you. <3

Cassandra Marie said...

Nice goal! Anthony's brother is a minimalist too :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

traveling more - yes, yes, and YES!
i'm excited to hear about these changes Kim :)
decluttering is always good, not only for your space, but for the mind. i felt an inner peace after getting rid of 3 bags of clothes! it felt really nice to unload stuff i wasn't using!

Erica said...

Sweet girl, I feel like we are one the same wave length. I am so excited for you! Live life as brightly as possible and leave little room for regret. I can't wait to hear what you have in store. I'm sure it will be grand! :)

Honestly, ever time I visit your blog I find a kindred and inspiring spirit. <3

Jane said...

I really like these photos, and your goals are great.

Sarah Whitney said...

You and your photos are downright inspiring! It's been so cool to see your blog (and you) evolve. Love, love, love! Hope you have an amazing weekend! :)

Ida Nielsen said...

I like your goals!! Trying to do the the same thing :-)

michelle ma belle said...

this is a great resolution, we go evolving and with time accumulating more and more stuff...we don't need all of that, we need our souls and passion.

I love the second picture, love doors..and discovering what might come after.

Danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

Love your goals (and photos).

I upgraded my camera today!!!

Caylee said...

Amen, sista!

Also, you take beautiful photographs. Many seem very minimalistic themselves which I love.

Aleyn said...

how lovely! <3

Kylie said...

beautifully said. i couldn't agree more.