Bloomfest LA


Over the weekend, we attended an event called Bloomfest in the Downtown Arts District.  There was live indie music, tons of talented artist/designers, and food trucks galore (our favorite was the coolhaus truck because it was incredibly warm outside, and they were selling some of the best ice cream sandwiches in the city)  Our favorite vendor/artist was Adam from The Poster List.  His work was unique and entirely fitting for my new office space (if at all possible in a studio apartment).  The Arts district reminded me of previous trips to New York City when Andre and I would walk the cobblestone streets of the meat-packing district dreaming of one day owning a loft or studio space neighboring Pastis (we still dream pretty big)I was very impressed with this part of downtown LA, and I plan on going back sometime soon.


amanda jane said...

looks like a blast!

Erica said...

WOW Lovely lady it looks like you had an amazing time! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by recently because I see I have been missing out- I also have not been as productive with being active on the blog-sphere as I would like to be recently :(. And so I'm happy to have discovered you again- I have really missed your sunny soul searching posts.

Kim, dear, you really are an Art Warrior!! ;)

Kinsey Michaels said...

this event sounds so so fun! indie music + food trucks + artists = amazing. gorgeous pictures per usual. your hair is getting so long!! :)

ps - keep dreaming big!

Natali Puga said...

that dog! these photos! so happy to have stumbled across your blog.