Orange County Fair


Photographs from our evening at the OC fair with our friends Levi + Jasmine.  We snacked on Australian battered potatoes, dippin' dots (a first for me), lemonade, and a funnel cake.  The fair is all about the food and the wonderful company you are with.  The highlight of my night was when Jasmine got on a "twisty-turny" ride on her own; I could not stop laughing; she is such a fun girl!


maja said...

hi, thanks for visiting my little space. and nice to come here to yours as well!

nancy said...

I've officially fallen head over heels for your blog! you have an amazing talent in photography :)

to answer your question, we're going all over! in South America, we'll be backpacking up the west coast - santiago up to lima! that'll take us about a month! from there, we'll be travelling all over the US... from seattle down to san diego, then from chicago around the east coast, finishing up in Dallas!

oh wow! LA?! that sounds amazing. what are your favourite places?

(and thanks for the bakery tip - I'm going to have to try that one!)

ana {luckyinlovesf} said...

i spy with my little eye : Dippin Dots! my all time favorite ice cream treat. super jealous!!!