Monsieur et Madame


How creative are these little mugs, you guys? The little "Monsieur" mug makes me giggle a little, and I could just picture Andre drinking coffee out of it. We love matching mugs, and we just so happen to have a large collection of "his and her" mugs, so I'm pretty sure these would be perfect to add to our collection.

Cassandra Marie is the owner/creator and brilliant woman behind Oh Leandera crocheted and handmade shop based out of Los Angeles, CA. At a very young age, Cassandra developed a love for all forms of art and eventually, Oh Leander became a place for her to share her unique creations with the world. Be sure to visit Oh Leander, and see all of Cassandra's unique artwork. 

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wishful nals said...

ah! these are so cute. love the little hello mug, too. so sweet.

Cassandra Marie said...


This post is beautiful! Thanks so much for featuring me and my shop! :D