drink up: 1


if you're a longtime follower, then you're probably familiar with my crazy juicing habits. what can i say, i love juicing my produce, especially with the year-round farmer's market in our neighborhood! i've decided to start a little drink column here at paddle to shore due to all the messages i've received asking me what the heck i'm always putting in my drinks/smoothies. i thought this might be fun for those of you trying to add more fruits and veggies to your diets but aren't quite sure where to start. i'm kicking things off with my go-to green monster.

this everyday green drink has so many variations depending what leafy green you'd like to use. kale is my favourite leafy green, but feel free to use cabbage, romaine, spinach, or collard greens. this is your green drink, so get creative.  you'll thank me in a few weeks when your skin is looking healthier than ever.

for this specific green drink, you'll need

an entire head of kale
half a stock of celery
half a cucumber
some radish
& 1 small lemon (the lemon helps get rid of the bitterness from the greens)

i always take mine to go!


Leah said...

I have a fance juiceman juicer I've used all of maybe once. I totally need to get on this! Thank you for posting and great idea on the lemon!

mina said...

while i admire your healthiness, this sounds disgusting!! i've been wanting to get a juicer for sometime now. don't you add fruit to make these things more tolerable?

in any case, you're my hero for being able to stomach this.

Scout said...

I know know about this one - not even any banana to sweeten it up? Although the making your skin look better part of it sounds great :)
Also, I love the angle for the last photo - very creative :)

erica marie said...

Hmm...I think even though I don't want to, I'll have to give it a try. Since starting insanity I'm really trying to eat so much healthier to give my workouts a maximum result. I've never had it, so who knows maybe I'll just end up loving it...lol.

xo erica

Anna Zimmerman said...

This looks so delicious! Thank you for the recipe. Also, I love the new blog layout. It looks great.

Anna Zimmerman said...

This looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe! Also, I love the new layout. It looks great.