My Life Lately


here i am promenading pre-birthday brunch last weekend. i was spoiled by my friend nicole. we enjoyed mimosas (mine was watermelon flavored) and yummy breakfast food.

(i apologize if you're already following me on instagram, but here's a quick little update from my life these days)

1. we celebrated the end of finals with mexican food and friends!
2. there's color on our walls! yeah, we finally took some time to paint our walls.
3. wedding season is in full bloom, and this weekend's moroccan-inspired wedding was incredible!
4. saturday night was spent at one eye'd gypsy for our friend jesse's birthday.

last night, andre and i spent our evening in hollywood singing along to edward sharpe at the jimmy kimmel show. they played 4 songs for us. it felt like such a treat seeing them free of charge. LA has some of the best perks! here's a little video filmed by andre.


kylee said...

is edward sharpe not soooo good live? they are just so entertaining!

The Key To Chic said...

Love seeing your Instagram photos, they always inspire me! Hoping to see you soon at an L.A. event! Your hair looks amazing!

kylie said...

truly fantastic. love them. and this song. how FUN!

kelly ann said...

there is NO better way to celebrate anything and everything, than with mexican food. it's just a fact of life. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow those are pretty pictures! Happy Birthday in advance!I'm a June baby too, I was born on the 8th :)

Jess said...

I would have loved to have seen Edward Sharpe! Loving all of your birthday photos!

janis said...

oooh! i like this new look! XO