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i'm so thrilled to introduce a new series here on paddle to shore featuring the lovely and oh so talented rachel from with love, rachel. she will be posting fresh-wholesome recipes every thursday. this girl is beyond talented and creative in the kitchen, so i'm excited to see and try all of the recipes that she'll be sharing with us. this is the start of something very delicious! i hope you enjoy. kim

here's rachel:
alas, it's summer! i never thought i'd be saying that with such enthusiasm, considering i'm an "in between" kind of girl. to me, 65-70 degrees with sunshine is my perfect weather forecast ... with no mind of a little bit of clouds as well! however, this time around, i'm feeling a bit excited about the, what i can bet on, very warm days we have ahead of us. One of those reasons is, the food! there is nothing like a hot-summer day paired with a refreshing-cool treat. there are certain foods i feel taste so much better in the summer, don't you agree? and yesterday, in that 85 degree heat, it was kale.

not only is this little dish easy & absolutely refreshing, it also boasts summer with its bright colors. you can have it as a side, a midday snack, or even add some black beans and call it dinner! you really can't go wrong with anything you want to add to it. summer has never felt or tasted better!

what you'll need for the salad:
heirloom tomatos 
herbed feta cheese

place kale in a large bowl. pour dressing over the kale, tossing until all of the leaves are coated. let kale sit for 30 minutes, allowing to marinate. once marinated, toss into a bowl with some herbed feta, chopped heirlooms, and toss again! then, top it off with a little pepper and you have yourself a simple & very fresh summer salad.

what you'll need for the dressing:
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
the juice of one lime
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon red cayenne 
(if you like a little spice!)

whip olive oil and lime juice (squeezing with cut side towards your palm to keep from escaping seeds). add some cumin, pepper and cayenne, then stir!

this salad allows for any type of toppings, including red onions, olives, jalapeno, avocado, grilled chicken, and the options are endless! i personally like my salads a little plain.

photos + words by rachel


Talia Jensen said...

boy does that look and sound yummy! and i just so happen to have all of these ingredients in my firdge!

erica marie said...

yum, I'm looking forward to this feature every week :)

xo erica

Hotly Spiced said...

I'm seeing a lot of raw kale salads at the moment. Kale is so very good for you and would be wonderful paired with feta. And I just love heirloom tomatoes.

Marty and Julia said...

funny story. i was just telling my sister while we were juicing vegetables how i have never used raw kale in salads before.

Jocee said...

that looks delicious! must make this now.