drink up: 2


i managed to put this post together before leaving for vegas, i do hope you like it

in my opinion, a smoothie is by far the quickest-healthiest meal there is. seriously, it takes less than five minutes to create a little something-something full of vitamins and nutrients. this is why adding a smoothie to my daily routine is so easy! sometimes i'm just too busy (um, maybe lazy?) to make myself a meal, so it's much easier to throw everything into the vitamix and drink drink drink.

this smoothie was created yesterday while andre and i were just too busy to make lunch, and to be perfectly honest, these shakes just clear my mind and help me work so much faster. so i highly recommend adding smoothies to your diet.

for this smoothie, you'll need

1 small banana
as much kale as you'd like
small handful of cacao nibs
1/2 tsp of maca
fresh berries or frozen berries
(get creative with those)
1 cup (or more) almond milk

then shake it up

i hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as we do!


BethAnn said...

I had this identical smoothie this morning! Although I didn't have the cacao nibs. It's delllicious!

janis said...

do you really have a vitamix? majorly jealous! in any case, this looks mighty tasty!

Marty and Julia said...

vitamix are AMAZING. i remember my parents discovering the vitamix when i was younger. they bought two of them. because they liked it so much.