drink up: 3


today's shake features cherries, lots and lots of cherries! it's the best time of the year to over-indulge in cherries. i've been eating, juicing, and adding them to my shakes! i'd eat them all year 'round, but they're just so much sweeter in the summer, and this shake must be enjoyed in the summertime.

i've been obsessing over recipes full of cherries these days, like this recipe for cherry cake doughnuts mouth-is-seriously-watering. trader joes is fully stocked in cherries, so i figured it was time to shake things up with my very own cherry smoothie. let me know what you think, k?

what you'll need for this cherry shake

1 small banana
a handful of hemp seeds
a handful of almonds
lots of cherries
1 tsp of cinnamon
a handful of golden berries
(to give it that extra zing)

enjoy your tuesday!