thinking out loud!


the ocean, the sand, the sunshine, it never gets old. i still can't believe i live so close to the pacific ocean. i have to pinch myself because it still feels like a dream. i've been in california for 3 years, 3 years already! sometimes it feels like i was just in ottawa a month ago, dreaming of the day i'd be living in california! well, here i am and what a dream these past 3 years have been.

i'm pretty sure the coast was created for big ideas, big thoughts, and constant daydreams. we often drive to the water simply to think. it's the perfect setting for all creative ideas, and did i mention how good the seafood is along the pacific coast highway? i'm in a dreamland, and i like it!

happy monday, lovelies!


Francine said...

There's nothing like living near water. Although the Long Island Sound is nowhere near as beautiful as that, I'm still happy to have it nearby.

Marty and Julia said...

it is refreshing to hear how much you appreciate the coast. we live 10 minutes away from the beach and even in the summer time we may visit it only once every few weeks. we have certainly taken it for granted.

haley said...

Lovely! The beach really is the perfect place for thoughts :)

janis said...

ahh! so excited to dip my toes in so soon! i'm happy you're living your dream! :)