right now


photo by elizabeth weinberg

i always get this wave of inspiration really late at night. at 2:30am, i find myself floating into a cloud of dream-like thoughts. i'm not sure what happened, but suddenly everything around me makes perfect sense. all the questions i've had zero answers for - for months are finally right in front of me, the answers are in bold letters. it's the middle of the night, and i've gotten myself sucked into a new (to me) photographer's portfolio, and i simply lose myself for hours. this happens far too often. i'm listening to babel, i wonder what it feels like to be married to carey mulligan? finally, i'm writing my thoughts down, paper scattered all over our bed. finally, my ideas are on paper, and i'm not just talking about them. it's as though i haven't held a pen in years? a cup of coffee at 11pm- i'm awake while everyone is sleeping.


Mel said...

Oh that is a wonderful feeling, no matter when it happens. I usually get it early early in the mornings, when the sun is still waking up, I am fully formed and revving.

becca said...

so funny that you think best late at night! but truly, take advantage of it if you can.

I'm the opposite- the moment my eyes open in the morning, my mind is going a mile a minute. after six pm I'm no good.

Anonymous said...

i'm currently listening to babel as well. it has been on heavy rotation. right before i wake u in the morning, when i'm still in the dozing phase, that's where all the ideas and inspirations come to me. i guess that's the time when my head is absolutely clear from all heavy and consuming thoughts that i usually have.


Kinsey Michaels said...

i love this. it seems like you got a completely amazing burst of inspiration, an epiphany of sorts!!! i am excited for you and everything that's to come. you are on a roll, girly.

Vanessa Jade Smith | www.7Jaded.com said...

This photo is amazing by the way. Kim, may I ask what camera and lens was used if you know?