That Place


photo taken at salvation mountain

i have so much on my mind these days.  the worst is feeling like i have no place to express my thoughts, maybe because i haven't blogged here in months? will you forgive me for that? i want to start up again. it always feels so good to write exactly what's on my mind, not worrying what any one will say.  so thank you in advance for never judging, and thank you for being that safety spot for me where I can freely express myself.  paddle to shore is a personal space, the diary of my life, really.  it's time to remember what it feels like to live and take photos without someone "expecting" anything from me.  i want to go out all day and see what's in front of me. sometimes i really forget how this whole "photography" thing really started.


Islandia Lane said...

I feel exactly the same way. ultimately I post my words and photos for me. It feels good. but it is nice when they make someone else happy too.

love all the blue and openness of this photo. feels like you are ready for the next great thing :-)

kylie said...

yes! please blog again :)

erica marie said...

yay! Happy to have you back Kim :)

xo erica