drink up: 4


with all this warm weather, it's no surprise i'm always craving fresh citrus drinks. on a regular day, i'll walk with andre to m cafe for the most delicious kale lemonade there is, and sometimes we'll venture off to beverly hills for fresh salads and peach/ginger lemonade from lemonade (wow that was confusing). but the restaurant really is called lemonade! i crave citrus all summer long, so this past weekend, i thought i'd get creative in the kitchen and make a guilt-free limeade to share with all of you.

this is such a simple recipe, and you'll thank me later when you're feeling more refreshed than ever. i normally make a large amount then sip on it all day long.

what you'll need

3 small limes
(freshly squeezed)
fresh mint leaves
3 to 4 cups of water
4 drops of stevia

mix all ingredients together in a large juice pitcher and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

oooo thank you for this! i love citrus drinks too--especially during the summer!

Alison said...

i would never even think to put kale in lemonade, but that sounds so amazing. limeade is even better though. :)

April said...

Mmmmm, I'm not a big citrus drink drinker, but you make this sound really good.

Cassandra Marie said...

Pretty photos :)

Lovely Struck said...

Thanks for the recipe! Love the simple ingredients!

kylie said...

how have we not hung out yet? ever? so sad. tasty drinks sounds nice about now. do you guys have a pool at your compelx?