sharing a bunch of vegas photos today-

well, i never thought i'd find myself in sin city twice within a week, but that's exactly what happened.  my mom called us with less than 24 hours notice to let us know she'd be landing in las vegas & ready to be picked up the following day. turns out a flight from ottawa to vegas is much more affordable than a flight directly to los angeles, go figure?

andre & i are very spontaneous people, so short notice is always exciting for the both of us. as soon as i got off the phone with my mom, andre and i packed up the car with snacks, mix cds, and toothbrushes (clothes too!)  we booked a hotel and planned a visit with our friends kathleen, jenner and baby violet- see post here

spending time in vegas with my mom was a blast! we ate lots of pizza from the secret pizza place in the cosmopolitan hotel (have you been?)we walked fremont together, checked out a few wedding chapels, oh & did i forget to mention andre and i almost tied the knot? ha!

and how rad is this motel?  i'm pretty sure the final scene from vegas vacation was filmed here, is that possible?

this right here was our overpriced paris breakfast. i have to admit, the garlic cream cheese was so good, and probably even worth the extra few dollars, so maybe it was overpriced for a reason. you win, paris hotel, you win.

we had an incredible time together in vegas and an even better time here in los angeles.  my mom loves visiting, and it was her first time seeing our new-ish apartment in west hollywood. we spent the entire week walking and showing off our favorite restaurants and shops. it was perfect!

'til next time, vegas & see you soon, mom!


janis said...

i've also noticed that flights are cheaper to vegas than LA from winnipeg. i guess that they want to lure you in with a cheap flight & then get all your money at the casinos! ;)

but this looks like a fun - casinoless - time in las vegas!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photographs! i love the one with─is it you?─in the road :)

Marty and Julia said...

oh these photos bring back such fond memories from when we were there. i wish we had more time to explore fremont. i am sure there will be a next time.

Lauren said...

so glad i came across your blog - it's lovely!

your photos shed las vegas in a different light that i really like - looks so fun and kitchy :)

April said...

I want that pizza in my mouth right now.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute :) I love how you chose to start the post with two small photos and end it the same way!

- Erin from

kylie said...

vegas has never been one of my faves, i thought it too hot and desserty, but you make it quite lovely.

Kinsey Michaels said...

These pictures are incredible Kim, love the way you captured Vegas - the food, the glitz, the glam, and the old school motel!
I have heard of Secret Pizza and had it on my list of places to check out for cheap eats next time I'm there.
I'm glad you had so much fun on your spontaneous trip up there! Steve and I can't WAIT to see you guys later this month! Even though I'm such a planner at heart, I'd definitely be up for throwing some spontaneity into our weekend :)

Alison said...

to tell the truth, I've never believed vegas could look that pretty. the only time I drove through it was night time and glitzy, flashing but a little dirty. beautiful pink motel.

Nicole Marie said...

i want that pizza!!!

Alex said...

I'm staying at the Cosmopolitan in October, so I will definitely be trying the secret pizza place!!