dog days


i love keeping busy, but sometimes the post work quickly piles on. with the two-week vacation i took earlier this month, i just feel like my desktop is overflowing with images that need to be edited. how do you stay on top of your work, and how do you keep from stressing out? i'm embarrassed to admit that sometimes i just snack for hours until i'm finally all caught up ...and two pounds heavier, yikes! well, thankfully i have a few days off to get everything together. enjoy your weekend, lovelies!


April said...

Hope you don't drown under your work! I work for 45 minutes and then have a 5 minute break - look at something fun on the internet of eat a piece of candy. lol

kylie said...

we must be similar - i snack til it's done haha.

Hop, skip and jump said...

i'm sorry to hear you're a little stressed at the mo. make sure you take time out to go for a walk etc. it helps so much