san diego getaway


i'm pretty sure i meant to blog about our san diego getaway weeks ago! sometimes life gets so busy, and it's hard to keep up with blogging on a daily basis, especially when odd jobs keep popping up, but i'm thrilled to be keeping so busy with everything. as a photographer, there is nothing more exciting than being booked constantly, so i'm definitely not complaining. well, i thought it would be more fun to create one giant san diego post, and share all the fun stuff we did in 48 hours, amazing what one can do in such a short period of time.

i should probably start this post by admitting how long it took us to get there. yes, san diego is only 2 hours from los angeles, but somehow it took us over 5 hours!! what can i say, we love taking the scenic route and stopping everywhere. how eclectic is that rooftop?

when we finally made it to san diego, 5 hours later ;) we ordered pizza from bronx, opened a few bottles of wine, and hung out on the rooftop with our incredible hosts, alison and steve. they have a gorgeous home in hillcrest. it kind of reminds me of west hollywood a little because it's so easy to walk everywhere!

saturday was incredible! we spent our entire morning exploring balboa park; the carousel, the floral gardens, and the picnic we enjoyed (with this beautiful view) was just so perfect!

i love these two photographs andre took of me and alison. sneaky-sneaky guy.

our adorable hosts&friends. such sweet people, and we're so lucky to have them in our lives.

this colorful picture was taken in the spanish village. i was immidiately drawn to the bright colors

Our afternoon was spent biking through mission beach. we biked along the water, laughing and goofing off. i have to admit, it had been years since i had been on a bicycle, so i was terrified! turns out i had nothing to worry about, and this was probably my favorite activity of the whole weekend! i never realized how much fun biking was. i've been thinking of getting my own bike now. it would be great for biking along the ocean from santa monica to venice beach! meet me there?

after such a jam-packed day in the heat, we rushed to happy hour at ortega's mexican bistro!! this place was so delicious. i mean, i really love all the mexican food in california, but i seriously could not stop eating here. such fresh and tasty mexican food. their guacamole and their traditional margaritas were insane. i highly recommend it for those of you planning a little stop in SD.

look at that guac!

the best way to end this perfect trip was with sunday brunch on the rooftop. steve made us chia seed and chocolate chip pancakes, what a great combination! i think it's so fantastic to have friends in all sorts of different cities. i always get that much more excited for a trip if it also includes meeting up with friends we haven't seen in a little while, so this was truly special.

thanks so much to steve and alison for having us over, we'll be back soon.


Jocee said...

i love these! so cute!

erica marie said...

I can only imagine how much fun you guys had. I used to look at her blog all time. This just reminded me to check it out now! A bike ride near the beach sounds lovely.

xo erica

becca said...

how beautiful is this scenery.

and the food!
I'm seriously envious of that guacamole...

Nikolett said...

These pictures are so vibrant! Love the Spanish Village floor, anything that is bright or has cobblestone/tiled roads and pathways is my ultimate favourite. Definitely hope I get to go to San Diego someday :)

Marty and Julia said...

Mmmm. I can never get enough guac.

Harri Davison said...

Beautiful photography, I just love posts like these, could sit and flick through them for hours xx

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh the garden looks like somewhere in spain!!

janis said...

looks like such a great weekend away! loved all the photos + captions.

Kristina said...

such a wonderful weekend! and yes, meeting with friends during trips / visiting "their" city is the best! great shots!

kylie said...

that pizza.

chestnutmocha said...

looks like so much fun! love your friend's red hair! i always wanted that color.
ps: we're hosting a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited!