i've been away


wow! i really didn't plan on taking such a long break from my blog, but things got so crazy over here that it was best to just step away from all of it for a while. and then andre and i flew to florida for a few days then hopped on a cruise ship to the bahamas for 5 nights, and then flew back to LA last night then woke up super early for more work! there is so much going on right now, and i can't wait to update everything!

what have you been up to?


Carrie said...

summer has been really great! i'm glad you got to take a 5 day break. don't worry about being absent here for a while, real life comes first. :D

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Nicole Marie said...

i CAN NOT wait to see all your pictures!!!

paddle to shore said...

thanks Nicole!!

Briel said...

From Instagram it looks like you had a great trip! Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about all the other things you've been up to!

As for me I've been busy these last two months actually. Vacation, visiting family, friends visiting LA, concerts, etc. Phew! Btw, not sure if you got my email about Dirty Dancing at Hollywood Forever. You guys should come! :)

Briel said...

And I totally have a typo in the body of my email but the movie is Sept 1st, not 9th. ;)

Cassandra Marie said...

Ooh! I little get away to the Bahamas sounds amazing!

erica marie said...

You have been busy...love seeing all the updates and pretty photos on instagram and twitter. Keep up all the good work girl!

xo erica