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it's been a very exciting week for rachel; she just announced the launch of her wonderful figgy bakery, and i couldn't be more excited for her! take a moment to explore her new website. she's such a talented girl, so i'm positive figgy bakery is going to shine! shine! shine!

here's rachel
normally, i'm not a huge fan of pasta, but when i was planning the menu for a recent event, pasta was the first thing that popped into my head! i'm not sure why, but i'm so glad it did! with a tasty balance of herbs and spices, this lightweight pasta is perfect anytime! it's a quick lunch, it's the perfect dinner, and even perfect for a picnic, and it'll only take 10 short minutes of your day, and it will surely make your stomach very very happy!

what you'll need for this pasta dish:

1 bag gluten free corn pasta from trader joe's
2 tbsp olive oil
1 handful sliced grape tomatoes
2-3 tablespoons parsley
salt & pepper to taste

boil about 6 cups of water until it comes to a complete boil. place noodles in a sauce pan, cooking until soft. test to see if they are done... toss one up against your cupboard. does it stick? it's done!  Once it's done, just drain and then place back in sauce pan, pouring olive oil over noodles and stirring. sprinkle with parsley, salt and pepper then toss. Toss the pasta with the handful (or two) tomatoes and serve! you can also serve this pasta cold!

words&photo by rachel


Alison said...

I don't love pasta as an everyday thing, but it sure can be simple somedays. I'll have to try this along with the recipe from Whitney at eat, sleep, cuddle for Kale Pesto Pasta. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm totally making this. thank you :D

she. said...

looks yummie, I love pasta dishes.