there's always something going on in LA


this was the place to be last weekend, and i'm so glad i took the time to check it out with andre! there were free drinks! free snacks! and so much free chocolate!! (i can never say no to chocolate) and cacao luxe had the best!

unique LA is an independent design show full of products uniquely made in the usa! attending, shopping, and supporting unique LA every year is a great way to support small businesses and the local economy. if i could shop here every week, i definitely would! did any of you attend?

and how cute is this car? andre made me pose for an instagram!!

here are some of my favorite vendors from unique LA:
help ink
the poster list  (i have these hanging in our kitchen)


Amanda Jane Jones said...

love your dress!

Marty and Julia said...

L.A. seems like such a happening city. I have been through it a few times but would love to spend a lengthier period of time exploring the different hot spots and events. Love the bug photo.

Anonymous said...

i want that color sweatshirt! :D gorgeous photos!

Lovely Struck said...

Those onesies are killing me, think I need to get one for my nephew :)

April said...

This looks like so much fun!!

Alison said...

I also love those onesies! They are so adorable. I think it's the sweetest thing when my husband is the one who is asking if he can take a picture of me, so, love the instagram.