tasty food


i've been meaning to try gingergrass for months now. so many people have recommended this restaurant to me, so i asked andre if he would take me for lunch this past week, and of course he said yes. i don't think that guy ever says no to food and neither do i!

gingergrass is a super fresh & healthy vietnamese restaurant in silverlake. i can't believe how long it took us to eat here. we both went crazy for the noodle bowls topped with an imperial roll. the veggie roll was so tasty, i'd definitely go back for more sometime soon!

how cute is my andre?

well, i wish i could remember what was so funny in this moment

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Francine said...

Everything about this looks perfect. Yummy looking food and good atmosphere. Great photos!

BethAnn said...

It looks delic! Cute pix - thanks for sharing!

janis said...

i like what you did to that first image... nice, rustic feel! anyways:
1. cute shirt
2. cute nails
3. can't wait to eat lunch with ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog! I love food and finding new recipes so this blog is great. I love your red nails! Can you tell me what nail polish you are wearing? Thanks!

Anna Zimmerman said...

I love your pictures. They're always so simple and pretty. This place looks delicious.

Crystalin said...

O man, you slay me with all your pretty photos(esp the foods ones :)!

p.s. your comments always make my day. You're the best!